Trống Peace DNA DP-22DNAC Trống Peace DNA DP-22DNAC DP-22DNA Trống Jazz - Cajon - Điện tử 18.000.000 VND Số lượng: 5 bộ
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  • Trống Peace DNA DP-22DNAC

  • SKU: DP-22DNA    |    Reviews: 1195
  • 18.000.000 VND

Installation of professional level at a very affordable price. And with this you can not argue. 9 layers of maple, black accessories and hoops of drums, a unique lacquered coating with sparkles, a volume suspension system and a set of racks make this series installations the best offer on the market.
Technical characteristics of PEACE DP-22DNAC-5WO-1 NATURAL:
Installations are completed with a set of racks and accessories:
Pedal P-28970
Stand for the Hat HS-7910 N
Rack for snare SS-810
Straight stand for the dish CS-810
Inclined stand for the dish BS-810
Snare drum: 5.5 "x14"
Bass drum: DP-DN2218B (18 "? 22")
Volumes: DP-DN1210T (10 "? 12") DP-DN1310T (11 "? 13")
Floor Volume: DP-DN1616F (16 "? 16")
Manufacturer: Taiwan

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