Dây đàn Classic Dunlop DPV102B Dây đàn Classic Dunlop DPV102B DPV102B Phụ kiện nhạc cụ 180.000 VND Số lượng: 5 bộ
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  • Dây đàn Classic Dunlop DPV102B

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  • 180.000 VND

For classical guitarists who are looking for an articulate bass and a clear treble response, then these Dunlop Classical Strings from Dunlop Premiere Series are the perfect guitar strings for them. These classical strings have been designed to offer a beautiful, well balanced tone, a huge dynamic range with a particular focus on the midrange, and a silky smooth yet firm feel under the fingers - all qualities that classical guitar playing demands. These wonderful classical guitar strings combine the clarity of plain treble strings with full sounding round wound strings at the bass, resulting in a gorgeous harmonic balance that is sure to make classical guitarists everywhere weep with joy. The plain treble strings are made from Dupont Tynex for the ultimate in consistency, tuning stability and ease, and a warm, singing tone, and the bass strings are made from high grade silver plated copper wire that is wrapped around a nylon string core for a superior fundamental, playability and focus. The sets in this series are available as Premiere BE (with gauges of .028, .032, .040, .029, .035, .043), Premiere SE (.028, .032, .040, .029, .035, .043), Concert CE (028, .032, .040, .029, .035, .043) and Concert SE 2 (029, .032, .041, .030, .036, .044), and each set is packaged in a moisture resistant sealed bag to guarantee total freshness. Dunlop is one of the world s leading manufacturers of classical strings, and these Dunlop Classical Strings have proved to be a real favorite among classical guitarists who won t accept anything less than the perfection from their classical guitar strings.

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