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  • Microphone VKS UK-600 Wireless

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  • 2.500.000 VND

Product Description:

• 200 UHF frequency points can be selected, antenna diversity anti-jamming operation.

• The body of all transmitters is made of solid and ergonomics aluminum material, showing a comfortable grip.

• It has the function of [IR] infrared automatic frequency matching. If you press the SEND button, the transmitter

will automatically and accurately lock the working frequency of the receiver.

• Stable PLL phase-locked oscillator circuit, with "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block the

computer equipment in the environment.

• And DVD noise and radio frequency interference.

• Adopt the international standard 1U metal case and the bright LCD LCD panel.

• The battery life is two times that of a common microphone.

• This series is designed for high-end KTV sites. It has the strongest functions and the most stable characteristics.

It can get the most satisfactory performance in all kinds of complex environments.

uk 600

UK-600 Receiver

Chassis specification: EIA standard 1U

Channel group number: double channel

Frequency stability: + 0.005%, PLL PLL frequency control.

Carrier frequency band: UHF 615-670MHz

Modulation: FMEffective distance: 50meters (general open place)

Oscillating mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesis

Sensitivity: 5dB mu V, S/N>60dB at 25 deviation

Band width: 60MHz

Maximum offset S/N: > 108dB

Integrated T.H.D.: < 0.4% @ 1KHz

Comprehensive frequency response: 65Hz ~ 18KHz + 3dB

Power supply: 100-240V AC50/60 Hz, 10W

Weight: 4.3KGDimensions: 421 (wide) X 43 (high) X 206 (deep)
uk 600 a
UK-600 launches the microphone

Carrier frequency band: UHF 615-670MHz

Oscillating mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesis

Harmonic radiation: < -63dBm

Band width: 60MHz

Maximum offset: + 45KHz

Sound head: moving coil type, heart type directivity

RF power output: 8mW

Battery: AA X 2

Current consumption: 110mA

Battery power consumption / life: about 8 hours

uk 600 b

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